Juan M. Piñeiro

Graduate on Geology and specialized on mining prospecting, evaluation of polluted soils and impact assessment methodologies.

Through over 25 year career, he has worked for Spanish and international companies and national, regional and local administration, merging his expertise on mining with the environment, evaluating the mining potential of more than 20 different projects, managing and coordinating more than 30 restoration and rehabilitation projects from different industrial areas. He has completed many environmental impact assessments, coordinating the whole environmental project assessment on the different governing bodies; leading the processing for the environmental authorization of renewable energy companies. He has also developed Environmental Sustainability reports on Urban Planning regulations, in cooperation with local and regional ruling bodies. He has also drawn different hydrogeological reports, such as the evaluation of the aquifer potential for water supply, pollution of underground water and hydrogeological studies for intake authorizations. He has also been in charge of submitting and obtaining authorizations and to different River Basin ruling bodies for different projects; he has drawn studies for the location of public and private cemetery and dumps and soil pollution evaluation.

He is currently member of the Plenary Session of the Regional Mining Commission of the Junta de Castilla y León.